April 14th

10:00 am Teddy Bear Picnic-Ballet
10:30 am Locomotion-Tap
11:00 am We’re going to the Zoo-Acro
11:30 am DJ Shuffle-Acro
11:45 am Sugar Sugar-Tap
12:15 pm Pure Imagination-Ballet
12:30 pm At the Hop-Tap
1:00 pm Lunch
1:20 pm Come Follow the Band-Acro.
1:45 pm Rock Around the Clock-Tap
2:00 pm Think- Jazz
2:20 pm Song of Hope-Ballet
2:30 pm Posin-Hip Hop
2:45 pm Better When I’m Dancing-Acro
3:00 pm Charleston
  • Done at 3:15 pm.
  • Please be on time. We will move as quickly as possible.
  • We want everyone to get the best photo shot as possible.
  • Please let me know before your child’s photo if you have any poses in mind.
  • Please let me know before your child’s photo shot if you want any sibling or friend, family shots, or a photo shot for a photo button to be worn.
  • Thanks for your Patience and Cooperation.

April 15th

9:30 am Escape/Show off/Boogie Woogie
10:00 am Maple Leaf/ Friends Like us
10:20 am Feel It-Tap
10:45 am Don’t Stop till you get Enough-Jazz
10:00 am River of Dreams-Ballet
10:20 am Bhava-Modern 2
10:40 am Castle-Modern 1
11:00 am Gonna Love you-Ballet/Celloopa
11:15 am In the Mood/Happy Dance
11:45 am Resistance-Abby/Friendship
12:00 pm Cat in the Hat
12:15 pm Lunch
12:45 pm Storm-Jazz
1:00 pm Yala/Dynamite/Acapella Sound/
1:20 pm Colors/Gotcha/No Man
1:30 pm Something in the Water-Ballet-Word of Life- Ballet
2:00 pm Humanity in Motion-modern
2:15 pm Ballet Star-Pointe’/Here I Am
2:40 pm Pinstriped Suit-Tap
2:45 Please Don’t Pee in the Pool
3:00 pm
3:20 pm Working on the Railroad
3:30 pm Good Life-ballet
3:45 pm – 5:00 pm All other solo’s and Duo’s – Family & friend pictures
3:45 pm All other solo’s and duos